Friday, April 7, 2017

I exist for more

I exist for more...
Eyes dim over time
Frosted over from disillusion and disappointments.
Ears lessen over time
Dampened by distrust and disbelief.
Limbs lock over time
Gnarled by labor and tension
Hope swells over time
Encouraged by rebuilding and receiving
Love heals over time
Increased by relation and release.
Faith builds over time
Strengthened by retention and remembrances. 

Wednesday, November 30, 2016


Abnormal energy swirls. It floods this physical plane with a tangible, uneasy vibe that rests heavily upon the spirits of this realm.

Thoughts and feelings are commandeered. They are hijacked by entites whose influence seeps unwanted in spheres previously inaccessible.

Ethereal light shines brightly yet is hindered by a fog of contamination and chaos cloaking this orb.

Truly, we find ourselves wandering aimlessly, groping blindly in the ever growing dark; searching for humanity and locating only humans.

Armed only with our courage to exist, we shuffle along this life.  Harming and healing, loving and judging, including and isolating, we try to find a way through this world to a place of belonging.

Disillusioned by the fantasy of control over others, we neglect self-discipline. We solidify a recurring process to search outside of ourselves for a validation only obtained by searching within.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Dare to share

Emotions are something that we are taught to hide, to be ashamed of, to fear. Emotions are highly useful tools designed to help us communicate and connect. Human connection is one of our most powerful and under utilized resources. Without emotion, those connections become thin and easily frayed. Dare to share, how you feel. Sometimes fellowship is all that we need to make it through the storm.

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Random rants and chants

Life is love
Love is truth
Truth is cruel
Cruelty is pain
Pain is alive
If love is the flame of a candle
Then laughter is the flicker
Desire is the heat
Life is the dance
Silken kisses on silver wings
Powder blue sins in canary dreams
Caramel love on chocolate skin
Vanilla sobs on strawberry winds
Sage disappointment and olive lies
Bourbon secrets and maroon cries
Indigo fears and turquoise tears
All are housed within our years
Can you feel in the void of thought?
Can you hear the silence of reflections?
Can you touch the absence of light?
Can you smell the bittersweet of experience?
Can you breathe in the toxic of truth?
Can you see the reincarnation of energy?
Can you taste the expiration of time?

A writer writes

A writer writes
Consistently imperfectly and occasionally profoundly.

A writer writes
To hear the sound of their voice inside the mind of their readers.

A writer writes
To create syllables of sincerity, sentences of passion and paragraphs of enlightenment.

A writer writes
To woo the world one word at a time.

A writer writes
To see
To feel
To dream
To grieve
To breathe
To create
To demolish
To understand
To clarify
To exist
To live

A writer writes
Because that is their purpose.

Nouns and verbs

Stress cripples
Indecision waits
Depression nullifies
Anticipation paces
Appreciation beautifies
Loneliness amplifies
Pain blossoms
Imagination wonders
Travel educates
Anxiety surges
Laughter cures
Tears relieve
Sleep soothes
Faith repels
Fear multiplies
Bitterness spoils
Prejudice festers
Joy strengthens
Love conquers

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Proper culprits

Stop blaming love.

When we are heartbroken, we aren't hurting because of love. We are hurting due to being rejected, abused, unappreciated, betrayed, etc. Give credit to the proper culprits...Love has shouldered the blame for far too long.